Boracay nightlife has everything to offer from live music, to techno dance clubs, or chilled reggae bars… so no matter what your music preference is, the Boracay nightlife will cater to all preferences. 

Our guest blogger and Boracay local, Gisele, tells us about her favourite Boracay spots to party and why she loves the famed Boracay nightlife.

Boracay nightlife lets you experience a reggae full moon party in one Boracay bar, then move on to another where you can dance the night away to the beat of the latest R&B tunes. Or if you prefer a more laid back evening, you can chill out and just relax, listening to house music or acoustic performers in yet another Boracay bar.

Epic  – one of my favourite Boracay Nightlife Spots

Epic Bar - Boracay Nightlife

Epic is centrally located at D'Mall Boracay and is a great Boracay nightlife spot

When heading out in Boracay island, my night is not complete if I haven’t had my fill of the exciting Boracay nightlife. While the night is young, you can normally find me chilling out and having some Boracay happy hour Mojitos at Epic World Bar. Epic is a spacious grill bar and restaurant with modern tropical decors located at the beachfront of D’Mall Boracay, and easily accessible from any of the White Beach Boracay resorts and hotels. During the daytime Epic is a bustling restaurant serving a mix of succulent Western and Eastern dishes. By late afternoons, you can enjoy happy hour cocktails whilst watching the spectacular Boracay sunset. By 10pm the restaurant transforms into a party scene celebrating the best in Boracay nightlife with DJs from Manila spinning their party magic.

Hang outs for a more mellow Boracay nightlife

My other favourite hangouts for happy hour cocktails and a laid back Boracay nightlife are Bom Bom Bar and Pat’s Creek Bar. These two Boracay bars are located on the beach at White Beach Boat Station 2 and have always been my go-to places for a mellowed Boracay nightlife or whenever I feel like listening to relaxing reggae or alternative music. I just love enjoying the cool beach breeze blowing whilst I’m plonked on a bean bag,sipping a cocktail or two and digging my toes in the sand. Some nights they have live performances with strumming guitars and great vocals adding to the chilled Boracay nightlife ambiance:  easy on the ears so that you can still enjoy your conversations.

Getting my Boracay nightlife groove on

Guilly's Island - Boracay Nightlife

Guilly's Island at White Beach Boat Station 1 is a great Boracay nightlife spot for dance music

And when it’s time to party and I feel like showing off my “dancing skills”, I usually head off to Guilly’s Island or Club Paraw. In my opinion, these two spots are among the best happening places to get the most out of a pumping Boracay nightlife. Both are located at White Beach Boat Station 1 and have nightly DJs mixing up the hottest R&B hits and dance tunes enough to entice you to strut your stuff on the dance floor. They also serve local beers at around Php80 per bottle and cocktail mixers are between Php150-300 a glass.

Boracay nightlife options for food and drink

If I am with friends and we’re up for some food and drinks, I typically suggest that we go to Summer Place at White Beach Boat Station 2where we feast on Mongolian BBQs first followed by tasted of the wide range of drinks available.  Cocomangas Shooter’s Bar is also a great option for food and drink. I always order their famous thin crust Boracay Classic pizza whilst  I watch my friends take their turns as they aim to have their names on the bar’s wall of fame for the “Still Standing after 15” challenge.

My other frequently visited Boracay nightlife spots

Cocomangas - Boracay Nightlife

Cocomangas is one of the well known Boracay nightlife spots, famous for their "still standing after 15" challenge

Some nights, I also chill out at Juice Bar in Plazoleta or at Charlh’s Bar both located in White Beach Boat Station 2. Or if it happens to be a full moon, I go to Jungle Bar in Bulabog Beach. This is where I go to whenever I want to experience Boracay nightlife the way it was some 10 years ago with cool drum beats, a real island, laid back vibe and rustic nipa huts and traditional decor. Or if I feel like walking up the White Beach path to the southern end of Boracay Island, I look for the bar in Angol that is owned and manage by a “pirate” whom locals affectionately callCaptain Joey. Red Pirates Pub’s decor and bar set-up as well as its location for me is an ideal place to enjoy Boracay nightlife  in a truly relaxed manner.

These are just some of my favourite Boracay  nightlife places that are worth visiting. There are still many more bars and restaurants in Boracay that you can discover and experience – there is no shortage of finding a spot that suits your pace. I’d love to hear about some of them so please feel free to comment on your favourite places below and I’ll be sure to try them out!  Definitely one of the most exciting items on my list of Things to do in Boracay is to party and immerse myself in the dynamic and fun scene that is the  Boracay nightlife.

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