Your visit to Mount Luho Boracay will delight you with spectacular views of Boracay Island and surrounds.


Mount Luho Boracay is considered the highest point of Boracay Island and is an adventurous ascent, whether you walk or rent an ATV, bicycle or motorbike. But reaching the top of Mount Luho will reward you a breathtaking view that will make you see Boracay from a whole new light.

Mount Luho Boracay’s altitude is about 100 meters above sea level. Its height may not really be remarkable enough to be placed in any world records for mountains but since it is the highest point of Boracay Island and provides a great vantage point of one of the Philippines’ most famous destinations, it is definitely worthy enough of being visited.

View from Mount Luho Boracay

The view from the top of Mount Luho offers a rewarding and spectacular view

How to get to Mount Luho Boracay

There are several ways to reach Mount Luho Boracay. From Boracay’s main highway, you can take a turn near Laketown, in front of D’Mall Boracay, or you can take the turn at Crowne Regency Prince Resort. Both of these small roads will lead you to Bulabog Road and Bulabog Beach wherein you will pass by several kite boarding and windsurfing shops.  On your way up Mount Luho Boracay, you will pass by several Boracay hotels and resorts such as  Palm Breeze Villas, Cohiba Boracay Resort, and Tanawin Luxury Apartments. Another way to go up Mount Luho Boracay is via Lapus-lapus Road; the turn is just off Fairways and Blue Waters Golf Course; and on your way up, you will pass by Poseidon Spa and Red Coral Best One ATV and Bug Cars.

If you wish to experience an exhilarating adrenaline rush on your trek up Mount Luho Boracay, rent an ATV or bug car and motor your way uphill. There are also motorbikes and bicycles that you can rent for a few hours or the whole day if you prefer. Or you can transact with local tricycle drivers to travel around and up to Mount Luho Boracay. Depending on your negotiating skills, this should cost between Php150-300, usually from any point on White Beach. But, if you’re up for a walk, it will be a wonderful way to test your stamina and the strength of your legs and feet.

The views from the top of Mount Luho are worth the visit

Mount Luho Boracay View

You can see Bulabog and White Beaches from atop Mount Luho Boracay

Once you reach the top of Mount Luho Boracay, you can choose to see a bird’s eye view of Boracay and the surrounding seas and islands by climbing up the stairs of Tanawin Luxury Apartments to the roof deck where there are binoculars for rent. Or, you may opt to climb up the staircase of Mount Luho Viewing Deck leading and on your way up you will have an opportunity to see some rare wild animals from the park’s mini zoo.

All the efforts you have put in to make the climb up Mount Luho Boracay will be  worth your while with the magnificent surrounding scenery. The lush greeneries of the golf course, the secluded Boracay beaches and coves of the nearby Ilig-iligan and Lapus-lapus, and Alta Vista de Boracay grandly perched on the opposite hill are great subjects for postcard-perfect snapshots. You can also catch a glimpse of the nearby Carabao Island and on the other side, especially during Habagat season, you will enjoy looking at athletes and enthusiasts of the sports called kite boarding and windsurfing adding up a myriad of colors to the crystal-blue waters of Bulabog Beach.

Whilst there are over 101 things to do in Boracay, particularly at White Beach and down by the shoreline, it’s always great to get a different perspective of this idyllic island, and view yet another one of its great attractions – visiting Mount Luho Boracay.

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